Pre-Season Fitness Tests

1. 2-Mile:

- Varsity should be approx. 12 minutes

- JV and Freshmen should be approx. 14 minutes

2. 120-Yard Shuttles. The test will run:

- 18 seconds or less to sprint 120 yards

- 30 second jog back - recovery

- 15 second break - recovery

- Repeat x10

Varsity: Range 7-10 completed stages

JV and Freshmen: Range 4-6 completed stages

Ball Mastery Workouts

Looking to improve your touch and overall comfort on the ball? How about a way to get hundreds of touches on the ball while improving quickness and conditioning? Below are four phases of exercises for players to add to their offseason workouts which only require a ball and four markers. 

The idea is to spend 30 minutes per day practicing and working to master these exercises. The exercise difficulty increases as each video progresses. With enough focus and practice daily, you should see improvement in your touch and understanding of the exercises. At this point, increase your speed while performing the exercises correctly. Once you feel comfortable going through the exercises at pace, introduce yourself to phase two...then move onto phase two...repeat and move forward to phase three.

All players should begin at phase one - no matter your current skill level. How quickly players master the exercises will differ from player to player. Each player knows their strengths, weaknesses, and how far they can push themselves without losing quality of the exercise. Only move on when you feel comfortable with your improvements.

As always, the more time a player dedicates to improvement, the more prepared the player will be. Consistency is also key to how quickly you achieve your goals. You get out what you put in. Make the best of your time and have fun becoming a better player!

Ball Mastery - Phase 1

Ball Mastery - Phase 2

Ball Mastery - Phase 3 (4 cone drills)

Ball Mastery - different exercise